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The Process:


The Initial Meeting:
I will come to you at your home or site FREE of charge to discuss your project. The more information you can bring to this meeting the better, that can be in the form of sketches, photos, samples or any thing else to give me an idea of what you hope to achieve.

Concept Plans:
Taking the information gathered at our first meeting, I will go away and produce a set of preliminary drawings using the latest 3D computer aided design software package, which will enable me to view your proposed building in a realistic fashion. Once I am happy that I covered your initial expectations, I will present you with these drawings and if requested a digital file that you can open on your computer enabling you to 'walk' through the building via your computer mouse, (as easy as pie). Keep in mind this is the stage where anything is possible, the more we cover at this early stage the happier you are likely to be at the end of the project.

Working Drawings:
This is the stage that takes the most amount of time, and it's important that we cover every detail. This set of drawings can be used for tendering, construction drawings and of course for lodgement with your local council for building consent. The typical building project will need the following documentation as a minimum.
Site Plan - Foundation Plans - Drainage Plans - Detailed Floor Plans - Roof Plan – Elevations - Cross Sections - Construction Details - Door & Window Schedules - Construction Specifications

Building Consent:
Once all the documentation is in order, I can manage the consent application for you, (the council will require a deposit), and answer any questions that may come up in the process to speed the application through.

Resource Consent:
Only necessary in certain cases where your project falls outside the usual building consent guidelines, but if necessary I can produce a set of drawings specifically to cover this, and help with the application.

In certain cases specific consultants can be needed, for example; a structural engineer for a soil test or a specific design for part of the structure. I will work alongside the consultant providing information as needed as well as keeping you informed of the implications.